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Posted on September 18, 2018
Karen is currently enjoying a tour around the country talking about her new medieval thriller, A GATHERING OF GHOSTS, set on the wilds of Dartmoor. She’d love you to join her as she discusses everything from holy wells to haunted caves, knights and nuns, plus miracles, witchcraft and dark legends. She is also delighted to be taking part in the GUILDFORD BOOK FESTIVAL on 7th October this year in discussion with one of her very favourite authors, Laura Purcell, author of the wonderfully spooky and chilling novels, The Silent Companions and The Corset.


Karen Maitland’s Interview with Audible

Posted on June 8, 2017
Karen recently visited Audible to talk about THE PLAGUE CHARMER. Listen in here!


Free Download: The Dangerous Art of Alchemy

Posted on August 25, 2015
A free e-short which unveils the dark historical context to Karen’s new novel, The Raven’s Head. Alchemy. The word conjures up images of magic, mystery and dark dungeons full of bubbling potions, with shadowy figures poring over ancient manuscripts in pursui of the secret formula that will allow them to turn base metal into pure gold. And, for centuries, this image of alchemy was not far from the truth… Take science and politics. Mix with desire and desperation. Leave to intensify. And you shall have the legendary world of the medieval alchemists, expertly drawn by the Queen of the Dark Ages. *Includes real recipes devised by medieval alchemists